Customized Mobile Business Applications

The mobile business application market is exploding, and companies are utilizing their own mobile business apps as marketing channels and tools to enhance their customers’ experiences. WorldLink works with companies of every size, across multiple industries on their mobile business development needs.

Why does my company need an app?

Like the website has done for businesses, so will the mobile app or mobile website…you have to have one! Do you have a mobile presence?

Technology is shifting and consumers are using mobile devices more than ever for their browsing and mobile commerce needs. Make sure you’re keeping up with your customers and providing them the best possible experience.

Mobile business applications not only keep you connected with your customer base, but they provide an additional marketing channel for your brand. Taking advantage of the advances in mobile technology will keep your company ahead of the curve, increase the return on your investments, and keep you front-of-mind.

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Example Business App Offerings:

Verizon Partnership

WorldLink is proud to announce our partnership with the Verizon Wireless Business Solution Alliance Program. Verizon Wireless has established relationships with dozens of industry-leading providers to bring powerful wireless data solutions to their customers.

Verizon and WorldLink have joined forces to help solve their customers’ business challenges in the mobile application ecosystem. WorldLink works closely with Verizon’s Business Sales Managers and Data Sales Managers to identify and solve their customers’ pain points with their mobile devices.

Client Sample:

For customers seeking multiple platforms, the application's branding will remain consistent across all platforms. When you are ready for additional platforms, we will reuse the architecture and design of your existing app to make a large-scale rollout to other platforms more affordable for you.