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News flash: Alvarado School District chooses WorldLink for AISD app!

Alvarado School DistrictAlvarado ISD is a progressive tech-savvy school district in Alvarado, Texas. Alvarado ISD wanted an app for parents and students alike to view information about the schools, lunch menus, school calendars, news, staff information, guidance to the schools, and videos. The app also includes social networking and access to educational resources. And best of all, with the heightened awareness of bullying, the app includes a Bully Report feature that allows a student to easily notify school authorities of a potential bullying situation.

Who did Alvarado ISD call? WorldLink.

We know education. We know schools. We know how to organize information into easily accessible and intuitive areas. We know how to package an app with valuable services to parents and students, and at the same time how to create a marketing channel for your school or district. Call us to discuss your needs, inside or outside of the classroom. We can tailor a leading high-tech solution for your specific needs!

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