The survival of Farmer Joe's fruit farm is at stake. Only you can help!

In a small Midwestern town, Farmer Joe and his fruit farm have fallen on hard times. It's so sad. Last season was abundant for Joe and his family, but this year Mother Nature is raising her ugly fist and causing Farmer Joe great distress. The changing winds and odd weather patterns in the Midwest has produced an abnormal amount of bad fruit and creepy critters on the farm.

Your assignment - if you choose to accept: Harvest all 40 levels of fruit crop to help save Farmer Joe from bankruptcy. If you complete your mission, you earn the limitless thanks of Farmer Joe and - hold on to your basket - become eligible for a free FRUIT BASKET to be shipped directly to your address!

Don't delay - Hurry and get started before another batch of fruit fall victim to another worm infestation.


Key Features:

  • Various fruits: apple, cherry, banana, lemon, orange, peach
  • 20 "easy" levels
  • 20 "difficult" levels
  • Re-take previous levels to improve your score
  • Effects: exploding fruit (yes, exploding fruit!), wind, fruit rotting on the limb, variable drop speed, variable ripen speed, etc.
  • Share your scores
  • Enter monthly contest for a free FRUIT BASKET to be delivered to your home!

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Farmer Joe’s Fruit Harvest Contest
Download the Farmer Joe’s Fruit Harvest iPhone application on the iPhone. Then successfully play all levels to unlock the contest. Click on the Contest button after you finish the final level and accept the agreement. Each randomly selected winner will receive a fruit basket. Please review the contest rules below.

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